Jan. 3rd, 2012


Jan. 3rd, 2012 10:39 am
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The man wakes up clutching a pillow rather tightly for once. He hadn't really found himself wishing someone was there ever. But for once he was and he didn't much know how to feel about it.After all, he was getting pretty close to a friend from the north lately and they always did spend quite a bit of time together whether it was at his place or the other's. Not too far a trip by boat to get there but he realized that he was missing his friend for reasons he had never much encountered before. Did he have some feelings for the other man? Did he? The questions ran through his mind as he stared vacantly outside the window in his bedroom. He tried to examine what he really thought of this friend of his. Intelligent,pretty caring, great smile (which was a rather rare sight, though he had been seeing it more and more), just overall great to be around. The other man could relate to his troubles with overworking and though they were both rather quiet, not a lot needed to be said when they were together. "And he could make me smile so easily.." he muttered drearily. He didn't even really know why, the idea that someone could inspire these sorts of feelings in him really had him antsy. At least as antsy as one could be in a semi-awake state. He looked at the pillow he had been clutching a moment ago with some longing. He genuinely wished that his friend was there...he would be the rather protective sort after all. Though he knew that wishing wasn't going to anything, he wasn't really certain what to do either. ..I crave his presence..his attention, his affection. The man looked out the window again saddened by the thought that he was really having feelings for his friend and that he didn't know how to handle them. "It's not like I've really been able to express such thoughts before.." once again muttering to himself. In the end there wasn't much resolution rather than a muttered curse and a return to sleep while clutching the pillow.

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