Jan. 5th, 2012

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Sitting in the dorms, the youth hadn't been in any way productive for a few days. Not that it was necessary for him to do so, it was break after all. He had been texting his best friend who had opted to leave for the holidays. He wondered why he hadn't left as well but knew it was because he would be mostly alone here or there and didn't much feel like making the trip for nothing.He had his gifts shipped to him and spent the holiday with a fellow student talking quietly about their motivations for remaining at school. But he didn't expect to hear a knock at the door. And he really didn't expect to see the friend of a friend over whom he had previously pined and pondered hopelessly. He shyly greeted the stoic youth before him and asked what he was still doing here, wasn't he planned on going to see the friend? Apparently not, something had transpired between them and the taller youth was a bit tired of being in his room all the time. Nonetheless, the isolated student was glad for any sort of company and welcomed the other inside before brewing some coffee for the two of them. There was a resulting exchange in unexpected intimacy, related stories about seemingly hopeless feelings and how to get over someone seeing them as merely a friend. Over coffee, the normally quiet students revealed things that wouldn't have seen the light of day otherwise. Including one's having thought a considerable amount about the other. It was an accident of course but the leaner of the two had inadvertently confessed and was soon quite red because of it. For a moment, everything remained quiet inside that dorm room before the guest shifted a bit closer to his host and ..and pecked him right on the cheek before pulling back a little red himself. The student who had confessed grinned warmly at his guest before hugging him in return, never having appreciated staying on campus as much as he did at that moment.

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