Jan. 26th, 2012

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"If I was..bold enough, I would follow you forever but.. darling please, rescue me, Take me out."

On stage, a tall,lean, bespectacled youth sang out passionately towards the audience singing of a quiet yearning to get taken out." Some may say, it's my fate, am I just in time or am I late..if you can understand..then Take me out.." He looked out in his performance trying to spot the rather handsome man in the audience who seemed to be at all of the shows lately. "Something real, make me feel.." The words flowed with a melody and a directed message. A purpose.. he wanted it to be known that if the other had any interest, then make it clear and do it soon. No one else in that room seemed to matter all that much. Sure if they were enjoying the show, that was great..but that was ultimately a bonus for the singer hoping so desperately that the older man would take some note of him. He meant..after all, the other sat the same place every time and would look directly at him with a look that could mean so much but it was indecipherable to the youth at times. And this scared him but he continued singing in order to finish the song rallying up those who were willing to participate as well.

Humming the tune, the youth had just finished taking pictures and signing autographs with some of his fans. Perhaps they were surprised that he'd be a little more introverted than they expected. Though what could they expect coming from a boy looking like him. He did resemble the timid type anyways..what was he even doing on a stage? But then the voice..that voice made it clear to everyone what he was doing. Nonetheless, he was making his way back to the dressing room when he feel a tap on the shoulder. It was unfamiliar but he suspected he already knew the source. Turning around, he saw the man from the audience standing before him with what was apparently a picture request. And some flowers. His favorite flowers..hmm he must have talked to his best friend at the last show. Clearly. In the midst of the picture being taken, the young man felt a little kiss on the cheek and the slip of a note into the flowers. He reddened as he was likely to do in any such situation and looked at the other with a slight grin in return before taking out the note which revealed the other man's name, number and a brief declaration of his feelings and of his intentions to yes, take him out. A few moments later, the youth was able to at least return the kiss and promise to contact the other man before finally making it back to his room. Where he opted to just lie down and dream for a little while. He didn't think it would actually work after all. But it did. Strange how that can work out that way.
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Ah Hello all..didn't think you'd hear from me again didn't you? Well I have developments you know in my life. In well, what one could consider a life. I've been on plenty of more steamships. And well. I do seem to be getting rather close to a few of these engineer associates..including my creator. It's extremely surreal to have to consider all of this. I'm a machine after all, but how can you explain escorting them to galas on a regular basis to those down at the bar. Those who insinuate that I might be developing something resembling feelings for these men. But why, I'm supposed to be hurting rowdy pirates and charming people into spending their money at the bar. Not..get into..relationships. Or something. I keep getting gifts and letters. And I write back of course. I'm not so anxious to refuse decent correspondence. Especially not from such intelligent gentlemen. Ugh. This is all quite a bit much for me and I'm not exactly sure how to handle it. I have also encountered on Nikolas Tesla lately, that was surely amazing. I even took part in one of his demonstrations on alternate current. It was rather fascinating to have the electricity flowing through me extend into a coil. It seemed to capture the attention of the audience as well. This is just an exciting time period. Not sure how long, it'll continue. Since times seem to be developing and less and less of my body seem to be purely brass. Will I lose my identity as Brass Betty? Or shall I just morph into something else. Hopefully, the future continues to bring opportunities of all sorts.

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