Feb. 11th, 2012

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Hmm another day on the city after all. It's been a while since I detached from the recharging chamber to do something other than work. I could use a nice break after all. Back in the clothing resembling that of most humans, I head out for the nearest hangout. I'm not exactly in the mood for roaming at the moment. Entering the place I encounter beings of all sorts, organic, synthetic and some combinations of the two. I sit at the bar and just look around at the those who might be at any given time, conversing, dancing, drinking..I hope that a fight doesn't break out. There have been times where I had the misfortune at being at the scene of such incidents. Most unfortunate really. They tend to be caused by some human's insulting a humanoid and/or android a bit too far for anyone's taste. And things get a bit hectic. But that's not the situation at hand, I've been getting a bit too caught up in my memories. How inconvenient, not to mention distracting from the young person I seem to be now talking to at the bar. They look..not from around here at least. There's something wild, and..um maybe natural would be a good description. Like they reside in a more wooded area where I hear reports of elves and fae and demons(not that the city doesn't have their own variety of demon..but that's another story) and all kinds of creatures associated with..an older sort of magic I suppose.The city with a lot more of the new..not that any sort is better than the other. I talk to this fellow and learn about his background, the gods he worships, the beings he roams about with. This is indeed a learning experience for me.I've only known the city. I've heard tales about out there..but have never been. And to think, he's offering to show me this realm one day. A fascinating and somewhat terrifying (if I'm honest) prospect this is and I agree to the trip. There should be planning about the best day to go and maybe I can observe some festive traditions. It would be lovely if I could. But for now the fellow must depart and I decide to do so as well. He says, he'll be able to find me the next time we get in contact..and I trust him. Well, as much as I can trust anyone. After all, all these..feelings..and thoughts are kind of programmed inside in a random-generator type of way though it works in reaction to the situation at hand. Strange indeed.

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