Jul. 20th, 2012

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 -sigh-.. I know M has been talking about me quite a bit on here. And writing little stories about certain adventures I get up to. And talking about how they would sit me down and just study how I work. But they also know full well, that I would certainly rather explain things myself. So I suppose in addition to any other fiction and/or commentary that M writes on this account, you might see a few more detailed posts from me. I'm certain I've encountered people on the other site I tend to mostly do business on. But well, saying some things there might not be the best idea. This I know.. so yea.. I have no idea how I got into M's head and really I don't know if I'll end up leaving. For the time being I'm just kind of here so this is my official hello. I probably won't say much about work cause well.. that's really a business thing and I don't like to talk about business if I don't have to. I have other concerns from time to time though folks seem to not believe me very much. How unfortunate.  And I don't know if I'm just a muse or an imaginary friend or.. I don't really know. Definitions don't seem to be relevant. In any case, this is I suppose a formal introduction on my part since..I'm sure there has been some things mentioned elsewhere about me. 

Now if you excuse me, I have a few things to jot down privately. Hell if I even know why I'm allowed to post like this. Thought it would be something worth expressing every now and again. Hmm. Nice to meet folks I would say.

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