Jul. 21st, 2012

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 M hasn't had much to say today really. So I guess I can speak about something that has been troubling me a little bit. It's just kind of frustrating to be surrounded by all these people in love and getting engaged. And hell, my best friend is getting married today. I'm happy for him, I really am.. but one kind of wonders if he'll be left behind by all of this. Sure there are the reassurances of friends still being friends. But what if I never get to act on my attraction to a coworker. It seems pretty likely right now since.. well there is no opportunity and I just kind of really miss the feeling of being cared for and I just get rather envious of those who have that.

Guess my major problem from time to time would be envy I guess. Wanting what others have. Just so I can be remotely contented with my existence for the time being. I suppose, it's a good thing that I haven't done anything wicked or foolish because of it. ..At least not recently. Centuries ago, before invasions and such..I might have taken part in some rather unpleasant acts out of envy and desire for control. But heh, that didn't work for me did it? Heh.. sorry to go rambling on about my past.. one think that I try to not hold on to it too much.

But this kind of rather isolated feeling, sometimes some company in-universe that is would be nice. Until then I have this writerly being to accompany and whoever cares to talk. Good enough..
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 Note: I should probably note this is a comment is left on other posts it's usually me, Mari.

but if it's surrounded by // .....// it's Ed, just in case.

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