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 I can't seem to handle the quiet very well.
I surround myself with noise
Live in a big city
Room with loud roommates
I will never get too much silence
Even if I'm on my own
Blast the loudest music I can find
Keep my headphones always
But there really no use
In trying so very hard to escape
It creeps back always
In moments that I least expect it
A pause, an awkward moment
Awaiting my reaction
Could I scream just to have it pass?
I would try but when I open my mouth
I am just as speechless
Silent as the world around me
Doesn't mean I can't try anyways.
"The more I try to connect with the world 
I am feeling more alone"
The lines repeat in my head
From an artist I shouldn't even know
But I listened to that one song
And related more than I could ever 
Dare to admit
I would never state it
Besides introversion suits me
Who would figure it comes with it's..
Problems. So many problems
But I'm getting off-track
These lines in my head
Soundtrack to my life
The reason I continue to try
Even if my words fail me
And man, I know how often they do
Voices, voices trying to reach me
All in my head
People I've never met
And never will
Have they ever existed?
I could have made them all up
But I wasn't trying to
Why are they here?
Whispers, shouts, conversational tones
They do not let up
I am not scared though
As long as I don't engage out loud
It's only then where the danger comes
Think me crazy
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