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In my adventures throughout the ace internet thing, [really don't know how to describe it] I've encountered people who can write at length and rather intelligently about asexuality and how it relates to a variety of things ranging from characters in fandoms to how it relates to other parts of the GSM [gender-sexuality minority..or alphabet soup] in addition to all kinds of things in between. And in awe of them, if there's one thing that I'm fairly certain that I will not be doing is attempting to do posts like that. As who I am comes very plainly for me that doesn't require a whole lot of detail so I can't really write a whole about the subject, especially when there are people who are so much more interested in the whole thing than I am. I'm not very chatty which seems to be a hinderance among the very much chatty yadas who I like to frequent..very concise even when I'm caught up in a world of fiction, therefore I don't really see myself becoming a straight-up ace blogger. I can write about my experiences in the everyday as they go and I can write about the fiction that takes up a hell lot more space in my mind than real life but I don't suppose that I'll ever be some kind of person standing up for something.I'd rather just be able to go about my own business.People relying on me just isn't my thing.Or whatever that's supposed to mean.

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