Jun. 27th, 2011 12:58 pm
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 They had nothing to say to each other.There was no longer anything the "brothers" had in common with each other. There was the time which the all suffered other another's rule but even then, the middle boy had gotten significantly less mistreatment than the others. He supposed it was because the ruler hadn't liked him as much, not as much fun to toy with. He had thought too much of himself.  At least then there was comforting to do, plans to be made, news to even try to distract each other from what was at hand. But now, there was nothing at all. The middle boy had rapidly outpaced his "brothers" after gaining his independence and to go back to the time that was, he knew even then, that they weren't really brothers. The youngest one may be a cousin to him, the oldest of no relation.Still time and time again they were lumped together for convenience, which the middle boy resented to no end as he had more in common background-wise with his best friend as his family than the "brothers" who he had been through some difficulties with.The middle boy found the youngest to be still very dependent on  the ex-ruler and the older boy having gone back to his alliance with his friend, though to be frank he didn't know what kind of relationship they had with each other. It was probably for the best. The youngest boy often sniffled and shook and stated his problems and how he had to borrow money that he more than likely wouldn't pay back ever. The oldest tried to comfort the younger one saying that he'd do the best that he could for the boy. Leaving the middle boy just looking at his "brothers" feeling more distant than ever and he opted to just leave. He said goodbye to his brothers and promised that they would get together again sometime though he hoped it wouldn't be soon, as these meetings were always quite awkward. Having departed, that middle boy finally breathed and looked forward to getting home where he could resume his routine and his interactions with his friend to the north.

Going out.

Jun. 27th, 2011 12:28 pm
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This is a cool summer evening and for once I decide to go out. I don't have really have any motivations for why I'm doing so but I might as well get out of the house for once. My friend had told me there was some popular hangout where music is played and all the interesting people relax and flirt. Well the flirting makes me cringe a little and what constitutes interesting, that's rather subjective I think to myself. But still I dress in black slacks, a white button-down, and black vest with black shoe-boots, lace-ups. They're a favorite pair of mine. After grabbing a hat that resembles a military hat of some sorts from years ago, I venture outside the house.  I don't know what's going on but a lot of people in the neighborhood are just sitting outside whether on balconies, or stoops or whatever have you. There's drinking, socializing and dancing among other things taking place. I guess tonight's just a night to kick back and have some kind of fun I suppose. I finally reach the spot about fifteen minutes later to say a variety of people doing the exact same thing that I saw in the neighborhood. I could have just stayed home and sat outside for all I cared but still I ventured onto the deck and greet a friend at the bar. I order a soda before turning to watch the others do whatever people out on a night like this do. I eventually manage to start a conversation with some young man who my friend said was specifically "interesting," but I just ended up finding him rather dull. But is that the effects of expectations? I shouldn't try to answer my own questions for now though I suspect that I know the answer to that. I wander around the hangout and I dance a little upon hearing a song I like.Too bad I look a little foolish doing so as hardly anyone else there seems to like it, but bah if I care. I don't seem to find a lot of people worth talking to but I'm starting to think that it's me rather it's them. Still I keep trying and find a fairly decent girl to chat with and things get a little more raucous when we both imbibe a few drinks. This leads to us doing some more dancing and making rather snarky comments about the rest of the guests here, including this friend of mine. Is it any surprise that the friend was refusing to come near us at this point? I doubt it, but i was having a rather good time with this girl and we decide to just leave the place as I quote it was, "cramping our style." Don't ask what exactly that means, I don't really know either. We end up at an all-night diner giggling over some chili fries and sodas, relishing in some rather silly rantings about various trends in fashion, music, memes, whatever. I'd like to say I was coherent in my rambling but I'm not exactly certain. Mind you, I wasn't exactly flat-out drunk, just rather tipsy admittedly. We stayed there for hours just joking with the servers and other customers that managed to find themselves in our tornado of truth, or what we considered to be truth. Alas, at some point the place had to close so in the wee hours of the morning, my new-found going out companion and I separated and I headed home. I couldn't quite believe people were still outside hanging out in the neighborhood, but then again they were in a similar state I was, if not more so. I went inside, undressed a bit sloppily and just crawled into bed, contented from having a decent time out.
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Having agreed to assist Dorian in his project, the two of us headed outside to put on our thinking caps. We headed to a dreary park in the middle of the city. We settled on a bench and began to keep our eyes as well as ears open to whatever may pass by. About half an hour later, we started to see some incidents. There was an argument between friends, another between lovers, a fight between rivals, and one between brothers. I had no idea why such fighting seemed to be so frequent. There wasn’t anything about the day that would lend itself to fighting. And for all we could tell, none of the participants we saw were visibly drunk. I felt the cold more tensely than ever and began subtly to shiver, still making sure I try to see whatever that is to be seen. Perhaps, there wasn’t much to be seen today. However there were other things that took place. A trio of friends were strolling through the park, two boys and a girl. As they strolled I noted the conversation was based on relationships and intimacy. There were the expected responses and statements from each of the parties…couldn’t anyone think of something different? An ordinary day..nothing more nothing less. There was some strangeness but not enough I felt to be worth discussing. I turned to Dorian and asked, “Did you see anything worth mentioning?” He pointed out the amount of fights we’d seen and thought that was strange, but otherwise nothing out of the ordinary. If only there was something to occur. I rose, fully expecting to return home and bid farewell to Dorian. “Farewell, meet again soon..” that’s all I heard as I headed back to my domain.

At home, as I relaxed and read a book, there seemed to be an eerie feeling creeping up in mymind. Was it that I had just spent the day observing, with someone who preferred to remain silent? Was it that though I thought I had saw nothing, perhaps I saw everything in some way? I didn’t know but I was surely unnerved and headed into my bedroom to try to lay down.Under the covers, I was still rather uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep. This strange perturbing feeling was growing, something was going to happen, I knew not what. Suddenly I heard footsteps. But I lived alone, who could that be? The footsteps grew louder and louder, whoever this is was indeed inside my room at this point. I had determined to peek from under the covers to see who this was. Slowly, I lifted the comforter from over my head and looked out into the room. Standing there with a serenely deranged look on his face was Dorian.I couldn’t say a word, paralyzed with confusion, and the next thing I knew I was out.

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When I awoke, this morning there was nothing but a sense of dread. I looked out the window only to a find snow falling delicately down, softly covering the sidewalks and the street. Sure snow doesn’t seem so bad. It’s not even snow that is the problem here, it’s heading out into the world that makes me freeze with terror. People are such alternately predictable and unpredictable beings, I never know what to do in their presence. I always think that I’m being judged for whatever I’m doing and it’s slowly driving me up the wall. As such, my nerves are of the wall as I walk out into the cold for the day, all bundled in my peacoat. I have no idea where I’m going or where, but I felt the need to venture out from my safe room and to explore the mad mad world all about me. I walked down the various streets, hoping that I wouldn’t necessarily be noticed but all I could think about was the madness that felt up my soul. Suddenly I felt a tug upon my arm. I turned around quickly in shock and spotted a young man standing behind me, with dark brown eyes, a slightly pale complexion, messy black hair, and a strange expression that wanted to tell me so much but couldn’t. I squeaked out a quiet, “Excuse me?” He responded with a nearly as quiet, “Would you follow?” “Why?” You’ll find out soon enough. Sighing, I deferred and followed this young man. He walked with a casual gait, no hurry apparently to where we were to go. Why do I bother with people? Why did I deign to follow this guy? I had no idea but here I was sullenly strolling behind him, as unnerved as I could possibly be by whatever was possibly going to happen.We eventually arrived at the location, an old theater that had been out of use for about a few months. Entering through a side door, this young man and I came into a room set up as a lounge, but there was such a strange vibe about the whole thing. I don’t know if there were other people..but all I knew was that I was implored to sit. I did so on this black ottoman close to a window. For a moment, I couldn’t help but stare out of the window to calm whatever was stirring within my soul.

The young man brought me back to where I was by  suddenly tapping my shoulder. There he was sitting next to me. I didn’t even know his name or why I was here..so I inquired such. Turns out, his name is Dorian..as for why I’m here..”Well, you seem more like an observer of people and an imaginative sort, and I was wondering if you could accompany me in trying to interpreting the observations that I find from interacting from others”  ”Well that’s really odd request, but I seem to be doing that constantly with my own findings,” I replied. This is how the exploration of humanity began..all of it well be dissected, noble and depraved..gentle and cruel.

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