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Here I am sir, good day. EVB-224 at your service, though I am commonly referred to as one Eduard Von Bock. I attend these meetings every few weeks or so. I interact with these beings neither human nor machine. They feel awfully human though to say the least. They have lasted for years, as have I. But on my part, it's not without some maintenance. Especially throughout the more unfortunate circumstances of my existence. It's hard to repair those rips of the "flesh" I wear on the everyday basis. Too make them resemble human scars rather than the tears that they are. I try to maintain relations but I will never be as close as I should be, it's just the nature of my condition after all. I maintain distance regardless of whether I want to or not. If I were human, or even like the others, I could say there is some explanation within psychology for this couldn't I? But is not meant to be that way. I can not imbibe the drinks of which they are so fond of. At least not easily. There had to be changes in my wiring so I can even bear the liquids without destroying my circuitry. Hmm, if only they knew that behind these frames that I do not need, these eyes are not human, they are not nation, they are purely mechanical. I as much as I can wonder. What their reaction would be to have co-existed besides a robot for all of this time. One of sensors and synthetic parts rather than any kind of organic origin. One, that can never relate as thoroughly to their people as they can. If I am quite honest, I am only representing this land, Estonia as that is where I was constructed. Or...where I took up residence more accurately, years and years ago. It's all grown so fuzzy. Constructed memory is a funny thing. I can't name my creators or when I was created. There is my own history I can't quite answer for ..and if I'm being.."genuine" I may suspect otherworldly origin. As no technology that I've ever seen on Earth has ever come close to resembling the parts and design and programming contained in myself. Though they are making some progress, the humans they are. Maybe one day I may not be the only one interacting through an android point of view. Though chances are, the humans might try to destroy each other first.


Jul. 5th, 2011 09:33 pm
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 The young man had woke up one day in an extremely bad mood. He wondered why this was affecting him so suddenly without any sign of resolution but came to the thought that this feeling was what he dreaded would awaken in him at some point. He was bitter, extremely so about so many things. He hadn't had a decent family that cared for years and the group he'd be lumped into, he cared not for at all. He was bitter about his exclusion from the family that he thought would suit him much much better, considering how close he was to his best friend in language in culture. He resented that when he was nothing but civil to the "head" of the so-called family, all he got in return was derision and mockery. "Hmm I shouldn't even like him, why the hell am I so polite to someone who treats me like shit." This ran through his mind and the sour feeling within him grew. He hated the fact that his former..owner still insisted on visiting when he made clear that he didn't want to see him any time outside of meetings and even then, that's out of obligation for his duties. He hated how the youngest of the group he had been lumped into was always so dependent and clingy. He had to be happy to help him out and never get anything in return. Is that really any way to proceed when one is doing well. He hated that he had to be stuck somewhere he didn't belong, that those within were closer to each other then to him and that the distance would never be closed as he knew and they kind of sensed, that he wasn't supposed to be there with them. This feeling arouse in him a desire to call people and say exactly what he thought of them and of his circumstances, to cut off all loose bonds with the group and be even more isolationist as he was prior to the awakening. He cared not if no one would take to this well, he cared not for anything but acting on what was now consuming him and possessing his every thought and action.This would certainly not end well but what did the young man care, at this point they would acknowledge him by one way or another despite the cost.
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 Well as long as I'm going to be going on about hetalia and the fandom of which I am only rather tangentially apart of as I adore the fanart and comics and the series..but some things I just can't really get into (..the boylove.-sigh-) Well I thought I'd post a wee bit about my favorite characters and why.:
in no particular order-
America-just an entertaining adorkable guy, I'd totally hang out every now and then, though I suspect he would get exhausting.
Canada.- I just really would care to hang with him a lot, be sure he gets remembered and I think strangely enough I could confide in stuff with him (besides, cuba, canada, ice^^)
Japan-picked up a lot of interests from Japan, could have some other quiet times..probably may not go on the photo things.or maybe I would go.I really don't know
England- Ah I think we could have a dashing time talking about everyone, performing magic rituals and being generally sardonic, foul-mouth "gentlemen" or "gentleyada" in my case.also..unicorns. though I'd be sure to vaguely stand back when he's drunk.
Prussia-awesome adventures of awesome.I think that's all that's need to be said.

Germany- yes there's a space.there;s a reason for that.-personal amore..and um.would power down at the end of the day with a nice walk or something.I don' t know how these things work.but I do know ..fondness for Germany.-sigh-

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