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username: demacrux
What you can call me:Demacrux, Mari
My default icon explained: Estonia, Eduard Von Bock from Hetalia.I roleplay him and think he's really neat.
Sexuality:Asexual, quasiromantic [if not grey-aromantic]
Preferred pronouns:they/them
Other platforms I'm on:tumbler, wordpress, blogspot
Favorite books:Infinite Jest
Favorite movies:Independence Day
Favorite TV shows:Community, The Soup, Web Soup
Favorite songs:pretty much any Nekromantix, Horrorpops, Bad Religion, And One, Pet Shop Boys song
Languages I know:Latin, some Japanese, some French and German
Location: Southfield
Favorite food: I just love food
A long-term goal:become a game designer, find a zucchini
A short-term goal:do well in school, find a zucchini
My superpower would be:telepathy, telekinesis
Favorite animals:idek
How I would describe my personality:
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Ah hey,I just got an account on dreamwidth and I might as well have a first post for something though I'm trying to have some of my livejournal posts imported. However in the mean time I might as well talk what got me here, seeing as I already have a million and a half places to post stuff and half the time I don't even use them for that, just primarily for commenting on other people's stuff. Which I suppose works somewhat. Hopefully I can get a little into writing here and posting the results elsewhere. Because I like typing here already. Yea I can get a different feel for typing on a variety of websites. Also I think I prefer websites where it kind of forces me to write more rather than allowing me to write less. A small font thing I would suppose it is. Nonetheless, this has been a first post and perhaps I may go into why I named the blog what I did[providing that I figure it out myself.Maybe a writing series may go into this.]

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