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 At night, I sit outside on the deck looking at the stars. I'm listening to my mp3 player but only in one ear and to be honest I kind of wish I had CDs or vinyl even right now. The sound seems to transport me to another time and it seems to do the trick as well with the mp3. Still I don't know what it is right now, I just desire another venue for listening to my music, though it would require so much more work to play the variety of artists and songs as it would now. However, I do the best I can with what I have and suddenly I feel a few decades back. A time of decadence and growing difference between socio-economic classes. Those with benefits indulged, and in the process gained more while those without them were barely hanging on to what they had. The country was still having tensions with some "evil empire," that no one really knew the whole story with.Concerns about nuclear war seemed to abound more than ever, once we had recovered from that big plunge the market took. That's just how we were doing, I imagine when all kinds of places faced unrest and various wars all over. We had to help because we're the policeman of the western hemisphere and thus it was out duty to get into everyone's business, regardless of whether or not it was appropriate.  But where I was imagining was the scene, not necessarily of what most teens were listening to but those with things to hide. Those with a vague disinterest in the culture at large and thus mostly imported their taste from the UK, though there were groups here attending to the disinterest of those who didn't quite belong. Here I saw myself dwelling, usually sloppily dressed in black, wandering the night hoping not to get assaulted by those just looking for a good time. I see a version of myself, frequenting these places most people wouldn't approve of, often seedy and appealing to those whose desires were just outside the usual. Various genres I delve into, acts that shock and inspire controversy, melancholy, joy, among other feelings. Not that anyone really wanted to here of those things. Just survive the now and have a good time. Some things are darker and I see myself having a hard time resting after some nights out, while other things that I take in are more inspiring than anything else and all I can see is papers filled with thoughts and images strewn all over the floor of the dwelling.Alas, all interesting thoughts come to an end and I'm jerked back to the present with my roommate's arrival and disruption of my thoughts."You in some kind of trance or something?" No.I'm alright, just a thought, I reply before heading inside and dealing with the times I actually exist in.

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