Nov. 18th, 2011 08:10 pm
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 After a period of charging my energy in a state of "unconsciousness", I awaken. I am still connected through the wires the enter my skin to the machine where I take my rest and for a moment, I just lay there looking at the ceiling of this room. This room of pure technology which I am a part of despite the human-like features. And I take in everything slowly but surely, my "eyes" move from side to side, using perception to take in the details of my surrounding. Finally, I sit up and disconnect myself from the greater system. A system within  other system in a world filled with systems. That's what  I am. I will not say who. I am a what more than anything and I can only resemble a who, and capable only minor emotions. Leaving the room where I lay, I get into appropriate..garments so I can proceed. Surely I could go out without these things, but it's better to continue the human-like behaviors while I can. After all, it's only a matter of time before I'm hooking back to the machine permanently. I must make the most of this world of any way that I can. It seems strange that I would consider this, only being an android with limited human thoughts but I seem to have enough to see that making the most of my "freedom" is important, somehow. I just seem to want to. Oh well, might as well go wander around this civilization once again. 

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