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"If I was..bold enough, I would follow you forever but.. darling please, rescue me, Take me out."

On stage, a tall,lean, bespectacled youth sang out passionately towards the audience singing of a quiet yearning to get taken out." Some may say, it's my fate, am I just in time or am I late..if you can understand..then Take me out.." He looked out in his performance trying to spot the rather handsome man in the audience who seemed to be at all of the shows lately. "Something real, make me feel.." The words flowed with a melody and a directed message. A purpose.. he wanted it to be known that if the other had any interest, then make it clear and do it soon. No one else in that room seemed to matter all that much. Sure if they were enjoying the show, that was great..but that was ultimately a bonus for the singer hoping so desperately that the older man would take some note of him. He meant..after all, the other sat the same place every time and would look directly at him with a look that could mean so much but it was indecipherable to the youth at times. And this scared him but he continued singing in order to finish the song rallying up those who were willing to participate as well.

Humming the tune, the youth had just finished taking pictures and signing autographs with some of his fans. Perhaps they were surprised that he'd be a little more introverted than they expected. Though what could they expect coming from a boy looking like him. He did resemble the timid type anyways..what was he even doing on a stage? But then the voice..that voice made it clear to everyone what he was doing. Nonetheless, he was making his way back to the dressing room when he feel a tap on the shoulder. It was unfamiliar but he suspected he already knew the source. Turning around, he saw the man from the audience standing before him with what was apparently a picture request. And some flowers. His favorite flowers..hmm he must have talked to his best friend at the last show. Clearly. In the midst of the picture being taken, the young man felt a little kiss on the cheek and the slip of a note into the flowers. He reddened as he was likely to do in any such situation and looked at the other with a slight grin in return before taking out the note which revealed the other man's name, number and a brief declaration of his feelings and of his intentions to yes, take him out. A few moments later, the youth was able to at least return the kiss and promise to contact the other man before finally making it back to his room. Where he opted to just lie down and dream for a little while. He didn't think it would actually work after all. But it did. Strange how that can work out that way.

A Scene

Oct. 21st, 2011 03:41 pm
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A scene, the scene, it's all the same. Everyone trying to prop themselves up so others would know their name. Everyone is heading out to the show, I'm going as well but they don't know. The boys are greased up, and tattooed even though most of the ladies are too. No in between, no beyond the divide, you're either a manly man, or a lovely doll. Girls are all done up to the nines, victory curls and updos all around. Most in dresses, all in heels, all trying to show that alternative sex appeal. Guys with creepers, jackets and jeans. Horror t-shirts, vests looking lean and mean. Everything such a fierce atmosphere with no room to breathe.If I show up looking as I do, would i get a reprieve. I love the music and the fashion is cool but there seems to be no way to mix the two.I'm neither here nor there when there is a conscious divide, I don't care to be a gal though I'll never be a guy. I see the hot rods pass by as I walk down the street, heading to the club where everyone will meet.Loud music blaring from each stereo, I'm tempted to dance as I go. But lo, I don't look like one of them, not of their scene, I'd get strange looks from everyone if I even dare start to sing. Petite kid, sneaker no heels, glasses, t-shirt and a tie to seal the deal, fingerless gloves, smeared lip gloss, they look a little smoky but nothing to be lost. Quiet demeanor, never a loudmouth but if the right song plays I'm ready to dance about.

Outside the show, the crew is ready. Primping and making sure no one causes hell. Smokers amass, dark clouds gather in the air. I manage to walk near and hoping not to attract stares. The shyness in me things I should go home, but I want to see this band so bad, I really love them so. Everything is everything, going through mind, standing outside the door, biding my time. I observe the other showgoers, not knowing if they observe me. I'm sure there could be something to my invisibility.Finally the door is opened, I enter, handing over my ticket as a go. Some damn nice tunes are playing everywhere I go. I find myself a spot as I have no crew. I must keep here or someone will take it quickly, that I certainly knew.The audiences grows around me, I got make sure I can see. Hopefully no body will block the stage's visibility. Now I notice the looks, the glances the stares, the "what the fuck is she doing here?" I keep to myself still, I have to enjoy it alone. I will prove myself worthy of attending this show.

The show starts, I wave at the lead and he blows a kiss back. That I didn't expect but hey, don't worry about that. The music plays and I getting dancing, quickly out of control. Moving across the floor in a way no one would know. Singing the songs out loud, as loud as I could. I shimmy, shake, slam and jam harder than I probably should. I acquire a few dance partners, though each last relatively brief. No one can really keep up with this tornado to this beat. Occasionally I find myself with a few kisses on my face. Where are these coming from, the people I can't quite place. All I know is I'm having fun and totally making the best. I wonder if anyone recognizes this androgyny with the binding of my chest. That a matter for another time not on the dance floor. I spin and sing and get picked and spun around some more. I don't care where I am going, I don't care with who. The music is my lover and for me that's nothing new. In the strangest of accidents I find myself dancing right on stage, everyone is going wild and I have nothing to say. I continue to move like a monster, nothing can stop me now. I must entertain while I can though I look like a child. Embrace the lead, crowd surf off stage, spin around several ladies, get swung swing-style. Movement and fun, laughter and joy. I could hope for nothing more, better than any toy.

In the end, the show concludes and I depart the place a hero. I might not necessarily run with the scene but I'm surely no zero. Not some square to be beat, but a friend in all things grand. Fantastical, greatly original things that have not meaning other than because they are. Everything is everything go through my mind once again. I rifle through the numbers accumulated in my pocket and surely call them soon. But now I must rest from this spectacular adventure at the late-night show.
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Recently, I've been listening to a lot of music, though that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. However, I've been rekindling a passion for a particular kind of music referred to as psychobilly. What it is is best described as some kind of horrorpunk, goth, and rockabilly mixed into one marvelous package, however some groups such the Horrorpops (whom I love) have a more poppier sound admittedly. Not that I mind whatsoever. In listening to this music, I find that I've been tempted to try to fall into the subculture somehow. But I've seen through the experiences of people that I follow on tumblr, that perhaps, it isn't the most pleasant place for me to be considering who I am. Another thing is, I really don't know anyone who would be interested in this type of music in the surrounding area. the closest I've got is some guy who likes alternative music on my floor but I doubt that he'd be into the music I like, determined from the fact that he really like Avenged Sevenfold (who I have a meh opinion about.though I enjoy Afterlife.)
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Taking into the fingerboard into her hands, the young lady started a solo of her own composition. It was enough that she played an instrument, the bass nonetheless which stood out. Everyone always commented that the instrument was larger than her. Well of course, you can't blame her for being short. Not like she could control that. Anyways, her fingers ran up in down in a frenzy to place the right notes while her right hand guided the bow back and forth upon the strings.Strings that were highly unlikely ever to break due to their strength and reluctant to be replaced due to their expense. Continuing the song, the phrases of the low-pitched instrument filled the air and a subtle rumbling was heard by all in the presence of the performer.This was a strong instrument after all, why wouldn't it have some kind of effect on its surroundings, especially when played with thorough expression. The lady found herself lost in the song, just allowing herself to play without thinking it through.She just felt the song pour out of her, no accompaniment. Just a four-string beast with nothing to hold it back. This went on for a few minutes before she concluded with a loud,resonant note using lots of vibrato.Only appropriate considering the piece. Applause came enthusiastically, as to be expected. The young lady wasn't sure if the audience truly admired her skill or just respected her rarity.Perhaps both, though that was of no consequence, she had lived up to and exceeded any expectations. Satisfied, she put her beloved instrument back in her case before departing to return from whence she came, a fact no one could establish clearly.
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This is a shorter post.At least I think it will be a shorter post, I just wanted to talk about one of my multitude of music obsessions. I am totally and irresistably in amore musically with Mayer Hawthorne. He's from Michigan and he's voice is just so soulful awesome thing .And I have heard some soulful stuff. I am currently listening to all of his music videos on youtube because I had heard a song of his on my station and spontaneously decided that it would be appropriate for me to listen to everything that he has online and it's just wonderful and I would suggest that everyone check him out even though I'm fairly certain that no one is reading.But maybe someday someone will read this and look him up because I love him so much.Not that way.
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 At night, I sit outside on the deck looking at the stars. I'm listening to my mp3 player but only in one ear and to be honest I kind of wish I had CDs or vinyl even right now. The sound seems to transport me to another time and it seems to do the trick as well with the mp3. Still I don't know what it is right now, I just desire another venue for listening to my music, though it would require so much more work to play the variety of artists and songs as it would now. However, I do the best I can with what I have and suddenly I feel a few decades back. A time of decadence and growing difference between socio-economic classes. Those with benefits indulged, and in the process gained more while those without them were barely hanging on to what they had. The country was still having tensions with some "evil empire," that no one really knew the whole story with.Concerns about nuclear war seemed to abound more than ever, once we had recovered from that big plunge the market took. That's just how we were doing, I imagine when all kinds of places faced unrest and various wars all over. We had to help because we're the policeman of the western hemisphere and thus it was out duty to get into everyone's business, regardless of whether or not it was appropriate.  But where I was imagining was the scene, not necessarily of what most teens were listening to but those with things to hide. Those with a vague disinterest in the culture at large and thus mostly imported their taste from the UK, though there were groups here attending to the disinterest of those who didn't quite belong. Here I saw myself dwelling, usually sloppily dressed in black, wandering the night hoping not to get assaulted by those just looking for a good time. I see a version of myself, frequenting these places most people wouldn't approve of, often seedy and appealing to those whose desires were just outside the usual. Various genres I delve into, acts that shock and inspire controversy, melancholy, joy, among other feelings. Not that anyone really wanted to here of those things. Just survive the now and have a good time. Some things are darker and I see myself having a hard time resting after some nights out, while other things that I take in are more inspiring than anything else and all I can see is papers filled with thoughts and images strewn all over the floor of the dwelling.Alas, all interesting thoughts come to an end and I'm jerked back to the present with my roommate's arrival and disruption of my thoughts."You in some kind of trance or something?" No.I'm alright, just a thought, I reply before heading inside and dealing with the times I actually exist in.
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Once more I really wanted to comment on music again. I suppose it’s the only thing I can bring myself to fairly comment on, I mean I guess I can talk about fandom but I think my personal thoughts may be ..well I don’t even know but I’ll save them for another time. I just wanted to say that I am in a love affair with hellogoodbye, I think it’s because I think for a crush I would play their music before anyone else because it totally sums up how I actually am, reserved, nerdy, awkward but rather sincere. I think it touches me pretty close to home listening to them so I thought I’d say that because I was thinking about it


Feb. 14th, 2011 06:18 pm
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 I know I probably shouldn't be commenting on this here but I have to get this off my mind.. This whole grammy's thing.. I'm very glad for Arcade Fire and Esperanza Spalding, I really appreciate their work so it kind of irritates me when they win and then people instead of actually finding out who they are if they don't know who they are, they bitch around about how they didn't deserve the award for a variety of absurd reasons in cluding, "I don't know who they are".. popularity doesn't guarantee quality, that is something I've learned in this musical climate. I understand that both wins were more than likely huge upsets and maybe I like an upset, a nice surprise. But it really irritates me when people really rage when the most popular people don't get the award as expected. Things like that happen every now and then, once more i mention, an upset. This one  I happened to have appreciated so.. well that's all I have to say on it. I just thought I put that out there.
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Here’s a post from my day to day life, which I noted that I haven’t been sharing much of instead I’ve be reblogging and writing fiction that blurs between illusion and my actual thought process. Thought i’d bring something that I could talk about now, the songs I currently obsess over.

Take Me Out- Atomic Tom: I’ve mentioned this song before I reckon but I bring it up again because I love it.

All I want- A day to remember

Ballad of Mona Lisa- Panic (!) at the Disco

Say You’ll Haunt Me- Stone Sour

Closer- Anberlin

Screaming Bloody Murder- Anberlin

I love all these songs so much for various reasons but the one common thread that these are the soundtracks (at least the major ones) for some of the themes that occur in my dreams. ( and there also quite enjoyable)

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