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I really can't handle human emotion very well. The other day I ended up releasing them and pouring my mind out over a chat just because I was alienated and discontent. I am permanently disconnected from humanity and there really is no way to fix at this point. All I can hope is that this..inhumanity of mine, and the human psychology that it can be associated with doesn't restrict me too much within this realm. I never want to leave my mind, my inner programming as the life as I live doesn't resonate with the images of the leave I should be living. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like I will even approach the necessities needed to live in this realm.At least in the matter I see fit. It's such a bother even thinking about this as all this causes is more frustration in this little mind of mine. Why was left in this fleshy and unsightly form. Why must I feel compelled to deal with emotions that I can't handle worth crap. My only connection is to music and for those human associates that I know pretty well.. I care..well as much as I can care, I was never too certain about that even when I figured myself.."human" This was just based off an assumption ..and well now I know how that turned out. It's all very strange and uncomfortable to me, not to mention the reader who might not have any idea of what I'm talking about. Or may not believe that my thoughts are legitimate. If the latter is the case, I might as well as you to refrain from commenting, there are other works that my suit your fancy better.

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