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There was a moment in silence between the two students. A challenge had just been declared for the two of them to work together on a project. Something most believed that only the two of them could handle. Looking up at each other, two of the best minds within their class if not within the school expressed so much without a single. Sure this would get accomplished. Who did they we were? A common thought ran through the pair's minds. What could be interpreted as deafening silence in the room was strangely comforting for those assigned the task. Eventually, the female student rose from her seat and approached her partner gingerly in a way to not disrupt whatever kind of common thread they were having at the moment.

"So.. you know what to do?"

"Of course."

That's the only things said before the two departed. Everyone knew that whatever resulted would be brilliant. It was simply a matter of what exactly the students would create. For reasons somewhat unfathomable.
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"I can't remember what my parents look like." --Jim, Empire of the Sun

This statement has never been more true than it is right now. I genuinely have no recall of my actual parents. For all I know, the people at the group home are my family and I consider them as close to a family as I'll ever get. I know not why I was placed here as the records show that my "parents" were definitely capable of taking care of me. But..they still placed me here anyways when I was quite young. They didn't want me after all.. it's strange knowing that you've been left in a place where others find that their parents are dead or couldn't afford to take care of them and you, you just were something unwanted. An inconvenience to a couple. But perhaps it's for the best that they left me here, I'll never know how they were exactly..and I don't really have any desire to. After all, the life I've had here so far is probably better than what they would have provided me with if they had opted to keep me. Very well then..
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Oh, this wasn't supposed to happen. This was just not my sort of thing. I'm not the type to appear in front of a group of people I find attractive in nothing more than a t-shirt and some boy-shorts. But here I am in such attire and boy, do I feel naughty. I don't quite know, what provoked me to actually do this, to think that this was a good idea. I prance along to the song and shake what things I do have to offer(which isn't much really). I hear the audience clapping along and enjoying the performance, though as time goes on, my face, initially looking as flushed as it could, seems to lose it's sense of shame. More confident, my "burlesque" goes into a more silly form, with drama of all kinds filling the air. I laugh and sing and even go off the stage for a more personal view. I play and flirt and nothing seems to matter. Yes I am naughty, but it's only an act. Everything up here is an act. The only time they've seen what is really me was the beginning, when I was filled with doubt. Now I'm confident and looking awkwardly alluring and I could wish for nothing better than this.
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"When we're about to do something stupid, we like to catalog the full extent of our stupidity for future reference." -- Susan Ivanova, Babylon 5

This was the only thing running through the mind of this young pledge. She had been trying to get into a co-ed fraternity for ages and was almost there. Still, there was one remaining challenge and when she found it what it was,she wasn't sure whether to be surprised or not."Ah, quite stupid indeed," she couldn't help but think. But she really shouldn't have been too shocked. For a co-ed fraternity, there was a rather large ratio of guys to girls, not that she minded, there was a reason she opted for this over a sorority. Nonetheless it was time to take the plunge, she stepped out from behind the curtain dressed in what could only be some kind of ragtag tuxedo type outfit, complete with a cane, just for that extra touch. No worries, though she wasn't alone for her best friend and co-pledge, a rather tall young man had strode out just after in a similar get-up though covered in make-up to resemble Frankenstein's monster. The music started and the duo prompted broke into a rendition of "Putting on the Ritz," straight out of Young Frankenstein. Our protagonist sang the best she could, trying not to burst out in laughter along with the audience, seeing the other brothers just clap along gaily. The noise the girl's comrade made beside her made keeping a straight face especially difficult. Nonetheless, the performance went as smoothly as such a thing could under such short notice. Still the girl, as she was finally accepted as part of the group, couldn't help but consider that sh would never forget doing anything so ridiculous yet so much fun.
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Taking into the fingerboard into her hands, the young lady started a solo of her own composition. It was enough that she played an instrument, the bass nonetheless which stood out. Everyone always commented that the instrument was larger than her. Well of course, you can't blame her for being short. Not like she could control that. Anyways, her fingers ran up in down in a frenzy to place the right notes while her right hand guided the bow back and forth upon the strings.Strings that were highly unlikely ever to break due to their strength and reluctant to be replaced due to their expense. Continuing the song, the phrases of the low-pitched instrument filled the air and a subtle rumbling was heard by all in the presence of the performer.This was a strong instrument after all, why wouldn't it have some kind of effect on its surroundings, especially when played with thorough expression. The lady found herself lost in the song, just allowing herself to play without thinking it through.She just felt the song pour out of her, no accompaniment. Just a four-string beast with nothing to hold it back. This went on for a few minutes before she concluded with a loud,resonant note using lots of vibrato.Only appropriate considering the piece. Applause came enthusiastically, as to be expected. The young lady wasn't sure if the audience truly admired her skill or just respected her rarity.Perhaps both, though that was of no consequence, she had lived up to and exceeded any expectations. Satisfied, she put her beloved instrument back in her case before departing to return from whence she came, a fact no one could establish clearly.

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