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You don't like me, do you? I'm sure you don't no one really did. I've been a trophy state for many, cared for by few.Well, one if I'm to be honest. I've been lumped with those that I care not much for. We are not brothers, although they may be related to each other. I come from a whole another family altogether. When will any of you recognize that? Never I suppose, not relevant enough to do so. After all I'm just a small country, what do I even know outside of how to profit since regaining my independence. I've been around a hell of a lot longer than anyone suspects that I have been but it is no matter. And to those I have more in common with as a family, why won't you accept me? You know my best friend and I originate from a common ancestor and you accept him, why won't you have me? Is it because you've been so comfortable labeling as something that more and more of my people as well as some of yours have been recognizing as rather inappropriate? Won't go outside of your comfort zone? Oh I don't fit your aesthetic,not pretty enough? Since when does beauty have to do with what family one identifies with? What a load of bull. So now I'm still trying to maintain a good relationship with those I've been lumped with for convenience -sneer- while attempting to get it through your head that I am indeed one of yours.Believe it or not. So I can't really be bothered with trying any more. I'll do what you ask of me in return to a favor but just know that beneath this polite and awkward exterior, there is a bit of seething of being left to be conquered and a trophy state that no one cared about...well there was that one time.the good ole times, one of you ought to recognize that phrase, since you were my ruler at the time as apart of your empire before ..him.Nonetheless I've been talking way too long and I can't go on anymore with this. I suppose I'll just be going back to my work again.
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In my adventures throughout the ace internet thing, [really don't know how to describe it] I've encountered people who can write at length and rather intelligently about asexuality and how it relates to a variety of things ranging from characters in fandoms to how it relates to other parts of the GSM [gender-sexuality minority..or alphabet soup] in addition to all kinds of things in between. And in awe of them, if there's one thing that I'm fairly certain that I will not be doing is attempting to do posts like that. As who I am comes very plainly for me that doesn't require a whole lot of detail so I can't really write a whole about the subject, especially when there are people who are so much more interested in the whole thing than I am. I'm not very chatty which seems to be a hinderance among the very much chatty yadas who I like to frequent..very concise even when I'm caught up in a world of fiction, therefore I don't really see myself becoming a straight-up ace blogger. I can write about my experiences in the everyday as they go and I can write about the fiction that takes up a hell lot more space in my mind than real life but I don't suppose that I'll ever be some kind of person standing up for something.I'd rather just be able to go about my own business.People relying on me just isn't my thing.Or whatever that's supposed to mean.
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Finally I'm getting around to making some sense of the title I gave this blog. I think I will be writing a few things as the Tales of a Traveler, not saying they would be specifically like one would assume they would be but it gives a nice thread to some of the things that I can write.Little pieces about the mindset of a person not knowing much about their own mindset. I admit that this is some kind of blending of fiction and my own mental thoughts and grandiose ideas but that why I'm looking forward to working on these kinds of things. And the Wanderer is a superhero name for myself as a part group_x on tumblr. My superhero travels through dimensions and can bend appearances to their will. I think it's pretty cool. So that's where that came from.
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This is a shorter post.At least I think it will be a shorter post, I just wanted to talk about one of my multitude of music obsessions. I am totally and irresistably in amore musically with Mayer Hawthorne. He's from Michigan and he's voice is just so soulful awesome thing .And I have heard some soulful stuff. I am currently listening to all of his music videos on youtube because I had heard a song of his on my station and spontaneously decided that it would be appropriate for me to listen to everything that he has online and it's just wonderful and I would suggest that everyone check him out even though I'm fairly certain that no one is reading.But maybe someday someone will read this and look him up because I love him so much.Not that way.
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 Youth,something I currently possess though I know that it can't last too much longer.Still I suppose I should make the most of it. I mean people are always trying to preserve youth anyways. Protecting those who are young from what they probably need to know in these accelerated times having those beyond their prime desperately trying to find ways to prove that they are indeed with it. Surgeries, fashions that just look uncomfortable, denying what happens when one ages I suppose. In the past, there were quests to find the fountain of youth, and people did strange and went to just as extreme if not more so than modern methods to try to preserve youth. The experience of not knowing all that much but still thinking that one knows it all. To at least look like that they are still going through that time. I don't know what to actually think about this phenomenon. Maybe I should be concerned, but I'm not. I think this has gone on for ages and probably will continue to do so because that's just how people operate. I shouldn't say operate, makes people seem like machines but that doesn't hide innate predictability that ultimately most including myself have. To be completely honest, I know how accelerated things are and how those who are young like myself and even younger are trying to seem more and more adult, though I can't really say if this is a good thing. Though I have seen some side-effects that aren't exactly pleasant.Maybe that's why some are so willing to try and hang on to youth while the youth are in a way vaguely discarding it. But what do I know, these are just things I happen to notice. Things that I know don't necessarily apply to everyone but are kind of like a trend fairly ubiquitous. 
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 Well I haven't got to posting too much in here because Idk and I was feeling like I was losing my mind a little tonight so you must excuse whatever rambling nonsense comes out . I will try to get some of my pieces over here because I think they're worth sharing and's something I've started..Runaway.

I enter the massive ship that's in front of me, though it's not the one you would immediately think of. This is not a boat, let me clarify and say that this is an airship and how I'm getting on this thing is not exactly the most legitimate of ways. I'm sneaking on in the cargo lounge and will proceed to the main area once the ship sets forth. I've been studying this particular ship's layout for a few weeks, planning how I will get on it. I should explain why I'm getting on this ship. The basic tenet is that I want to get the hell from my situation right now. I've been working in one of the factories which produces whatever such tricket people seemed to be fawning over nowadays. The conditions are horrid, I didn't get paid and I got beat for any mistakes that I make. I had to scrounge for scraps as like most kids my age I suppose without any parents around. But at some point, I was determined to get out of here one way or another, I could be putting the thing I do possess, my smarts to way better use then just putting together little things with machinery that I've seen seriously injure some kids. But why exactly do I think that stowing away on this ship is going to help my situation? I'm not exactly sure but the chance for adventure plus a way to free myself from the situation I started out equals me in the cargo hold, hoping not to get caught and waiting for the ship to take off.

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