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Ugh, I finding myself increasingly frustrated with how it's going. I mean academically, I'll be fine I think but as for socially, I'm still very much defunct on how I go about it. I eat alone nearly always and the only guy I have been able to have fun talking to I haven't seen. Hopefully I'll see him soon, because he is awesome. Nonetheless, I just find myself rather irritated at this girl who likes the guy I do..though I suppose she likes him in a different way that I do. But she has also has so many advantages over me though i will never understand why I or anyone else who's around a decent amount stand her. She comes across as rather annoying if I may be frank. Might as well be honest here, can't say this kind of thing anywhere else. Back to the point, I really want to talk to this guy but I'm reserved and I just can't bring myself to interrupt whatever is going on and why is everyone so irritating. I just want to be a hermit every now and again. I'd still be lonesome but at least I couldn't be bothered with seeing other people.:|

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