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A young man stood alone inside the club. The lights were low, music loud and dancefloor packed. While he wasn't much of a dancer, he knew he was familiar with the song played. One could even say that he liked it somewhat. Knowing this, he started to move a little bit, primarily with his feet and his practically non-existent hips. He was a leaner boy after all. He knew that his friend was out on the dancefloor having a grand time and here he was awkwardly making some kind of moves against the wall. "Can't think at all.....I'm lonely." The lines rang through his head, if only there was someone to dance with. Someone that would need him as much as he needed them right now. It was too late to ponder that, the song changed on him quickly to this other song."We walk..If nothing makes you feel good, nothing makes you feel good." The catchy tune prompted the youth the move a little more, still rather close to the wall, unaware that someone was watching him. In the midst of his "dancing," our hero felt someone grab his arm softly. He turned suddenly to find that his friend's friend for whom he had feelings of both intimidation and attraction, grinning slightly. This was apparently an invitation to dance and so the young man accepted. He began to move quietly and coyly near the body of the other not minding the touch of the other near his once more nearly non-existent hips. He knew the build of his partner and needed at least a little play. Which worked out just fine for the other. Unexpected good times, just what was needed that night.

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