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Ah Hello all..didn't think you'd hear from me again didn't you? Well I have developments you know in my life. In well, what one could consider a life. I've been on plenty of more steamships. And well. I do seem to be getting rather close to a few of these engineer associates..including my creator. It's extremely surreal to have to consider all of this. I'm a machine after all, but how can you explain escorting them to galas on a regular basis to those down at the bar. Those who insinuate that I might be developing something resembling feelings for these men. But why, I'm supposed to be hurting rowdy pirates and charming people into spending their money at the bar. Not..get into..relationships. Or something. I keep getting gifts and letters. And I write back of course. I'm not so anxious to refuse decent correspondence. Especially not from such intelligent gentlemen. Ugh. This is all quite a bit much for me and I'm not exactly sure how to handle it. I have also encountered on Nikolas Tesla lately, that was surely amazing. I even took part in one of his demonstrations on alternate current. It was rather fascinating to have the electricity flowing through me extend into a coil. It seemed to capture the attention of the audience as well. This is just an exciting time period. Not sure how long, it'll continue. Since times seem to be developing and less and less of my body seem to be purely brass. Will I lose my identity as Brass Betty? Or shall I just morph into something else. Hopefully, the future continues to bring opportunities of all sorts.
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 I know that when I awake, I am always an android in my own eyes however there aren't always time when I see myself completely futuristic, wireless everything. Microchips in every part, mostly silicon. In a world of the most modern, almost cyberpunk-ish environments. I don't always wake in the version of the realm. Oh no. There have been times where I am transported to a time that never existed, but could have on Earth. A mix of victorian and steampower. In this version, I am still and android but now I am constructed of brass, powered by steam. Charged not necessarily through electricity but through fuel. Although I get the occasional jolt as an extra boost. I look around and there are ships and humans and all sorts of magnificent visions.Air pirates,merchants, inventors like mine own, capitalists, robber barons. So many people to see..urchins, orphans the completely disadvantaged by this system. And yet, everything seems like it runs as it should. Even the occasional explosion in various labs, the many accidents and fights. This world that never was but could have been, I wander around and can't help but much as I am capable of doing so about what would have happened, if this realm, if this version of my world had been realized on Earth. It's a rather strange idea, after all. If it were true, one wouldn't dare try to imagine what the present could've been like.Astounding just the suggestion of it.Nonetheless, I walk this realm for a while before the next day I return to the normal state of charging, electricity everywhere.
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 Well I haven't got to posting too much in here because Idk and I was feeling like I was losing my mind a little tonight so you must excuse whatever rambling nonsense comes out . I will try to get some of my pieces over here because I think they're worth sharing and's something I've started..Runaway.

I enter the massive ship that's in front of me, though it's not the one you would immediately think of. This is not a boat, let me clarify and say that this is an airship and how I'm getting on this thing is not exactly the most legitimate of ways. I'm sneaking on in the cargo lounge and will proceed to the main area once the ship sets forth. I've been studying this particular ship's layout for a few weeks, planning how I will get on it. I should explain why I'm getting on this ship. The basic tenet is that I want to get the hell from my situation right now. I've been working in one of the factories which produces whatever such tricket people seemed to be fawning over nowadays. The conditions are horrid, I didn't get paid and I got beat for any mistakes that I make. I had to scrounge for scraps as like most kids my age I suppose without any parents around. But at some point, I was determined to get out of here one way or another, I could be putting the thing I do possess, my smarts to way better use then just putting together little things with machinery that I've seen seriously injure some kids. But why exactly do I think that stowing away on this ship is going to help my situation? I'm not exactly sure but the chance for adventure plus a way to free myself from the situation I started out equals me in the cargo hold, hoping not to get caught and waiting for the ship to take off.

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