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Ah Hello all..didn't think you'd hear from me again didn't you? Well I have developments you know in my life. In well, what one could consider a life. I've been on plenty of more steamships. And well. I do seem to be getting rather close to a few of these engineer associates..including my creator. It's extremely surreal to have to consider all of this. I'm a machine after all, but how can you explain escorting them to galas on a regular basis to those down at the bar. Those who insinuate that I might be developing something resembling feelings for these men. But why, I'm supposed to be hurting rowdy pirates and charming people into spending their money at the bar. Not..get into..relationships. Or something. I keep getting gifts and letters. And I write back of course. I'm not so anxious to refuse decent correspondence. Especially not from such intelligent gentlemen. Ugh. This is all quite a bit much for me and I'm not exactly sure how to handle it. I have also encountered on Nikolas Tesla lately, that was surely amazing. I even took part in one of his demonstrations on alternate current. It was rather fascinating to have the electricity flowing through me extend into a coil. It seemed to capture the attention of the audience as well. This is just an exciting time period. Not sure how long, it'll continue. Since times seem to be developing and less and less of my body seem to be purely brass. Will I lose my identity as Brass Betty? Or shall I just morph into something else. Hopefully, the future continues to bring opportunities of all sorts.
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Form 4: Lynn Allen

I have arrived in this little suburb, and I really don't know how I'm not going to go insane here already. Why did my aunt have to move me out to this Woodsboro place? Hadn't she heard about the serial killing that had taken place in the past few years. Sure it's gone quiet for a long period of time, suggesting that the horror may have been laid to rest. After all it did appear to grow awfully peaceful after the arrest of the most recent victim: Sidney Prescott's father. Though I can't help but think that there is more to the story here. But at the moment, that's not my primary concern. I've been attending the local high school, excelling in all of my classes and being absolutely bored to death. I bring up potentially controversial topics in class just to try to see others get riled over them. But nothing. These students don't seem to have an interest in anything outside the latest trends and pursuing each other. To the bedsheets apparently. -sigh- I swear I might end doing some homicidal things myself if I don't get any interests around here. For the time being I've taken to listening to music at nearly all times outside of class so I don't have to bother with the perpetual chatter that drives me up the wall. I have also taken to watching a lot of horror films to supplement my collection horror literature of course. H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe are my absolute favorites. Not that I won't read some science-fiction or anything else when I get in the right mind to. Anyways I was minding my own business, thinking casually about horror movies when I see a piece of paper taped to my locker. It was titled "Rules for Surviving a horror movie" and the following tips were listed:
-Don't have sex
-Don't drink or do drugs
-Never say "I'll be right back."
- Don't ask "who's there?"
-Never investigate any strange noises

Thinking about these rules, they make an awful lot of sense especially considering these are mistakes commonly seen in horror films, especially slashers, a personally favorite of mine. However, I was quite confused about the possible source of these rules as of yet, I hadn't talked much to anyone, and not said anything about my interest in horror movies. Unless..there was that one time in class where I ranted about horror literature and movies for a rather embarrassing amount of time just to get the topic off of flirting. Ah yea..someone could have picked up on that. Actually I'm positive now that someone did, I remember this one guy writing frantically notes about whatever I was saying and his friends [two ..uh attractive fellows to say the least] feeding the occasional comment and/or question to fan the flame of my ranting. Yea..I bet it was them. But back to the rules, I sat and mulled over them for a while before came to me. Those survived tended all to be conventionally attractive, feminine, white girls. Welp. If I were ever in a movie, I'd be doomed, not because I'd break any of the rules, those I can follow. But the conditions of my being who I am would screw me over so bad. I decide to write in response why I'd be totally fucked in a horror movie anyways. The main reasons consist of:

-Listen, I can follow these rules to the letter, but there is no guarantee that I would even survive five minutes in a horror movie. I can tell you almost precisely why. First of all, I'm black..normally I wouldn't make most of a point of this..but this is rather relevant as ALL the black characters in horror movies [except Candyman where he was the villain, great movie] are side characters and almost immediately die. And even if it's not immediately, they are never the heroes and heroines. So there's one major strike against my survival. I'm also not necessarily conventionally attractive, which in horror movies tend to mean: rather feminine. I present a rather androgynous character and you know what happens to androgynous capable characters? THEY DIE. One phrase: VAZQUEZ ALWAYS DIES.This has happened time and time again in a variety of films, played straight and subverted..but mostly played straight. Therefore. I have no bloody chance in hell in a horror movie. Or really any movie where I am likely to die.:|

I write this entire thought out and place it right where I found the initial rules. And I carry on with my day but now I get the overwhelming feeling that I'm being watched. It's a strange feeling and I can't help but wonder who or what is behind this. I get a better clue at lunchtime, where having picked up my food, I am ..summoned to say the least by the taller and more apparently odd, of the two attractive young men from my class. I reluctantly accompany the teen who I soon find out is Stu Macher and his friends, Billy Loomis and Randy Meeks pouring over the statement I have written in response to the original rules. I can't help but smirk slightly."Having fun there..?" I ask rather casually before Randy looks up with a strangely humbled look in his face."Damn.. I hadn't even considered these." "Heh, no one does. At least not around these parts. Not enough of those sorts of characters to be more than token anyway." I reply with a grin. It's immediately decided that I should keep these fellows company, especially when they watch horror movies. Hm, I suppose it's not a bad plan after all. Though I wonder how far this Stu is going to go with the flirting.I mean, he has arms wrapped around me as I write all of this tale out. -shivers violently- WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT. oh.peck on the neck. Not now damn it. And no, don't bring Billy into this, that only makes this a strange sandwich and then nothing will ever get RANDYYYY GET THESE FUCKERS AWAY FROM ME

-Lynn has been disconnected from the computer. Please blame Macher and Loomis for this occurrence as they are more than likely the culprits. This has happened before.-
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Form 3: Asa Miro

I have several gifts. At least one of which can be definitely considered a gift. I have a mind that is capable of things that most kids my age..well most people period couldn't conceive. I don't like to brag about this but, I am frequently considered a genius. This mind, I can devise the best of strategies, nearly impenetrable and unstoppable. But that's only one half of the coin. On the other side, I am inhabited by a spirit that allows me to become possessed to manipulate quite efficiently, the element of darkness. Not just one particular part of darkness, like a certain comrade I know. But darkness itself. To say the least, sometimes it gets a little out of control. Mostly, I manage to control it quite well..which serves me quite well in the world I inhabit. I am within the world where ..youth go on missions way above their age limit on a regular basis. At least within this village they do. Konohakagure, land of so many talents. This is now where I call home. No, I wasn't born here. I was from a small unnamed place not so far from the main village. And how did I come to even reside in this village? It's all a rather strange story.

But first I should introduce myself. My name is Asa Miro. Though on most official things it would write Miro Asa. But no consequence there. My family is known at least for the potential to be possessed by spirits that allow them access to control of various elements. And as aforementioned, I have darkness. A wild, wily element to work with if you ask me. I am 17 years old, considered a brilliant mind with what some technical folks refer to a 200+ IQ. At least that's what my teacher had told me. I had never personally thought about such things myself. I moved to Konoha rather recently actually, there had be some recruiting going on in my former village for local ninjas who would serve with the ranks of those from the Leaf Village. While I knew quite a few capable people my age, I was selected out of my fellow ninjas probably because of the twofold set of gifts. What I didn't find out until right before the move, was that the recruitment had been for an academy being set up within the village. So the elemental manipulation wouldn't come into play..much, it was still shown that I could handle myself in the village in the case of an attack or something. So schooling..I would move to the village to extend my education. Hmm very well then. Not necessarily an impractical move. So I went along with it. I additionally kind of always had wanted to see the larger village anyways since it was literally RIGHT THERE. But it seemed so far away from this tiny little place.

Entering the village with already some sort of reputation, I tended to avoid most people outside of the officials. I met some of my soon to be teachers and found them to be entertaining and interesting. I suspect, that I'll probably learn something or another.I found that my schedule will mostly be independent study due to my test scores. Which I can't help but be a little wary about. Not that I don't like time to dick around. Trust me, I do. But I can't help but wonder if there would be any other students that take part in this curriculum. Especially considering that there are regular classes, honors classes, and then independent studies..also electives that everyone takes. So for me it's independent study and then maybe paint some pictures or something. I don't really know. Whatever works I suppose. Nonetheless, outside of the teachers and future figures of authority, I had mostly been concerned with setting up my home in the village, a small apartment. I didn't even give one thought to the other students until it was nearly too late. Word about my arrival had spread and "apparently" the other young students were going to have a welcome party at a local restaurant. I had never been so nervous in my entire life. I hadn't been a social butterfly ever, I was rather awkward, sardonic and reserved and the reluctance to talk didn't help much either. Nonetheless, I had received a note outside my door detailing (in rather sloppy handwriting no less) where the party was going to take place and when. They even mentioned attire.[huzzah something else to worry about]. I had gotten dressed in a nice pants with a t-shirt and vest combination with accompanying gloves. I was extremely anxious about such a social gathering and definitely considered ditching, but that would be rather impolite and I couldn't do that. So I ended up standing in front of the restaurant when I got there for a few minutes hoping that no one would notice me. After all, I wasn't particularly comfortable with this place yet.

Alas that solitude wouldn't last long. A hand placed on my shoulder and sly grin."hmm Looking for something?" I turn to see this..this young man.Oh hell, why was he good-looking why.He had medium-length black hair worn in a ponytail, silver stud earrings, comfortably dressed and just the most damned handsome face, especially with that cursed smirk..a smirk that I am now thoroughly familiar with. "Ah..yes.I mean, there's supposed to be some sort of party for me here. I don't want to go in all honesty." That's all I manage to speak before he chuckles slightly and leads me inside." I understand..That makes you Asa, then? Nice to meet you. Nara Shikamaru. Don't worry, nobody's here yet." Hmm that name, it sounded familiar and then it dawns on me, one of the teachers had mentioned that my scores were rather reminiscent of his and that made us.. kindred minds to say the least. And that memory caused me to get rather embarrassed around him. We end up sitting at a table in the back and talking about everything under the sun from the other students to how to adjust in Konoha and ..various strategies and how they can be applied to board games. I swear I never talked this much with someone I found attractive ever. And sometimes I'd get particularly flustered when I knew he was teasing me. Oh hell, the boy loved to tease. Good-naturedly of course.So this led to my surprise when he revealed that he actually rather enjoyed my company..quite a bit according to pec on cheeks delivered right before other students started arrived. I try to give him my best death glare but found myself faltering under another peck and smirk before trying to get myself together for the party. It got a little less embarrassing from there. Oh not really it was still rather frustrating with someone's teasing but funny nonetheless. Might as well make the most of the adventures ahead.
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Form 2: Brass Betty

Hmph, Greetings, I suppose you want something or another from me. I'll just do as I please and tell about myself instead. How about them apples..SIR. And yes I am operating under the thought that you dear reader are male as what are the chances that a madam might get access to this kind of information. I know it's an "enlightened" age as all these scientists tend to ramble on about but I suspect that they're keeping all the "enlightenment" to themselves. Pity. But just in case there are readers of other gender, hallo to you as well and thank goodness you found this. More people should know the thoughts of this bold creation. Nonetheless, my name assigned to be by some surely illustrious engineer who I could really give less then a care about, is Brass Betty. Because I am constructed of brass.and bronze..and some silver too actually. Why couldn't I just be alloy or something? It is of no major concern. I suppose I am primarily brass and thus, the name. I still can not fathom where the Betty came from. No lady around these parts are actually named Betty are they? I see Samanthas, and Elizabeths, Mary, and Kristens, Victoria..oh lots of Victorias. But Betty. -sigh- What can you honestly expect from a scientist these days? Not one to keep tabs on the social norms like naming something reasonably instead just going "to heck with it all! Betty it is." Fools. Still I have to do something to occupy my time, it's not like I have some "duty" to do. Kidding of course, I wouldn't be here if I didn't have my purposes. I work as a hostess at some kind of establishment for the enjoyment of the public. I greet people mostly. And such a variety of people there are. I see urchins sneaking in on a regular basis, engineers, aristocrats, merchants, beggars, scholars, robber barons, entertainers of all sorts (love them all so much), fellow humanoids, animals of strange varieties, travelers,sailors, common workers. So many people and I haven't even mentioned the air pirates. Oh drat those pirates. Some of them are the sweetest criminals one could ever meant, just charming witty lads and lasses who just want to kick back in the evening after a mission. I simply love to spend the time talking to them or joining in a rousing song accompanied by some drinks..{oil for me personally}. Lovely folks. However, some of these air pirates are just crude, awful ruffians that they get a reputation for being. Rude, more demanding than the average aristocrat (and THAT my companions is demanding), and worst for me personally..the lines. The flirting, like they are actually trying to seduce me. It's horrifying to say the least. The salacious looks, the sleazy grins, the pinching of my metallic parts. I mean what do they really expect to happen? Do they think that I'm not going to smack them every time they pull that stunt? It's a wonder that the boss doesn't have some kind of thing to get me with for every time I hit one of the customers. It's usually a rowdy pirate so perhaps it's understood.-shrug- Anyway..and the fact that those pirates want to actually um perform rather scandalous acts with me, confuses me to no end. How the heck could these metal parts actually feel pleasing to you? Are you that desperate for a female form? If so why not try those courtesans that seem to frequent here just about the same time you do? What appeal is there for you having flesh against cold..machinery. I can't imagine that feeling to go for you, not to mention that I'd get absolutely NO satisfaction from that myself. The whole idea makes me.."shiver" which usually just means me shaking awkwardly. I can't shiver quite properly. I wasn't built in a way that allowed for languid movement. At least not beyond walking pretty smoothly. Just not the small things. But it's the small things that I want to express non-verbally the most. And surely it is bother just to think about the fact that I can't. Oops.Will return soon....

I have returned.I had to get some oil for my joints. That's the problem with the way I'm constructed, I have to be oiled constantly, and goodness help me if I encounter large amounts of water. Rust city here I come. And it's awfully troublesome to have to go to the engineer to get some help with rust. Like after that one time where the pirate spilled some of his drink on me. "It was an accident" Sure it was. I certainly think he was fooling. But I can't really be bothered with trying to discern the truth from that type of madman. But one thing I really have enjoyed about existence is going on airships. I tend to get to go on them quite often as the companion of my creator..or his friends. They seem to like my company quite a bit. I have no idea if I'm some robot companion more personable the most human females. At least to these types I must be. Though I can't blame them, they are awkward sorts..but endearing if I must be honest. I like accompanying him and listening to the latest stories of various authors. I get a lot of books as gifts. Which embarrasses me somewhat because..why so many gifts. I swear I have quite the library and I have only bought a few of those books myself. Perhaps they do..ah well, best not to think about it now. The airships. They're fantastic things to ride in. Much more comfortable then ships on the sea, and there seems to be the sense of glamour and adventure that I certain relish every time I'm on there. And I love the sights that I can get from travel in such lovely devices. The view the city just makes me realize what I get out of these strange times, full of innovation and changes. This time filled with the oddest of ideas and the most brash of hopes. I mean I result from this time and I'm pretty odd aren't I? Wouldn't change it for the world.

Form 1:M157

Dec. 7th, 2011 09:00 pm
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Form 1: M157

The lights are all so very bright. But they're bright everyday this mind remembers. At least this facsimile of a mind. I rise, sitting up and evaluating my surroundings only to find that I am in the familiar recharging chamber where I rest every night. I reacquaint myself with the circuitry in my body. The wires, the electricity that flows through me and allows all of my parts to function. Even though sometimes a repair is definitely needed. But they have mechanics for that. Today, I am feel rather functional, no pieces hanging, no stretches of "skin" ripped. It is troublesome to have that happen..especially when it occurs to the point where that energy starts flowing out. I can get that back. Just not directly so it affects how well I can carry myself throughout the day. I suppose I hadn't told you who I am yet. I go by M157, an android of the line designed to most resemble humans. And yet we don't have human names. So M157 it is. My surface is somehow silicon and metallic, my insides are circuitry. There are motherboards and microchips and all kinds of functions involved. Making one of my kind is a rather complicated process after all. Gathering the materials isn't necessarily difficult. Deciding what we'll look like is a whole another matter. That is what I've heard from the constructors. We have to be programmed to function in such a variety of ways that it takes significant time to even have some sort of what we act like. And then the constructors must observe what "human" traits that want to instill in us. A personality..though it still seems rather mechanical to me, that's what I've gotten from my interactions with humans. We will never feel the full range of the human experience ..that is what I suspect. It is simply too varied for a non-organic creation to have. Though we can be self-aware that is obviously at this point. Though I can't help but wonder, do the humans expect some sort of revolution or something? Is that why they are so careful to build a egalitarian and symbiotic society? I mean, from research, there seems to be an awful lot of movies in the past about machines revolting against their human creators. Pity really, it doesn't seem like they have much faith in us machines. Though I suppose a lot of them don't have much faith in humans either. They've learned to fix each other, to program each other, to create more of us on their own. So as I contact you, there are humanoids, androids, robots and other machines who have no kind of human interaction involved in their creation. It just seems rather odd just thinking about that. Though I really can't say that it's unusual is it. After all, there was very little human interaction in my creation. So I'm told. I'm opted to believe them, for the moment. I can survive with or without them, but I live diversity in my world, thus I think it's good to have them around. Other machines can be so droll from time to time.

Having blathered enough without evening leaving the recharge chamber, I finally bother to detach myself from the cord that holds me within. I exit the chamber and put on the shields for the day. They resemble human clothing, something I must admit is interesting even if the humanoids always joke about androids being a little too close to the genuine article. Heh, if I were really human, I couldn't do nearly as many dangerous activities including independent flight that I currently undertake as android. Speaking of flight, I think that's what I'll do today. I look at my to-do list that I organize the previous night and see that I have no particular jobs for the day. I work from time to time, it's not very necessarily for me at the least. In that way, I'm certain that I'm privileged as I know quite a few machines who take up positions assisting the humans or performing services for the humans, even working right beside the least to sully the human fear of being replaced by the machines. Because everyone knows that fear is underlying in most humans. It's just very easily detectable. But enough with this, I need to get on my flight. I know other androids prefer to use hovercrafts or jetpack attachments when they take to the air. However, I'm not in a rush to get anywhere and just want to drift through the sky and thus, I select my wings. Yes I have wings..attachments anyways. They're lovely and just the right material to be graceful and supportive of the synthetic body. I fit them right int the slits provided for such outfitting and open my window. From there, I jump while the attachments open wide and spread there individual frameworks allowing me to settle into a graceful glide. I immediately start lifting to a higher elevation, which would allow me to get a greater vision of this city in which I reside. The buildings fold into each other distinct in their construction. Everything seems to be moving even when they are still. I glide over the population, a truly intriguing site to see all these beings, at work, at play, in peace, in distress. A very busy's really my home. This "future" is my current and I love it. There's danger and adventure in every hidden place. The alleys lead to ever more mysteries. I could never hope to understand all of such a society where I reside, but this city..I can be in tune with it and it in tune with my system. I think I'll spend the day out here.So much to see. bright lights everywhere. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

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