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It's been a few months since the death of Sydney Prescott and everyone in the town has done their mourning. I didn't really know her well at all so I had barely any to do in the first place. Mostly attend the funeral because literally everyone else was there. Why did it matter so much in the first place? Wasn't it inevitable that Ghostface was eventually going to catch up to her? I mean that's who was the intended target in spite of all the other deaths that have happened. And there had been a lot of them. Prolific killer, that Ghostface is.Or was. I'm not sure anymore. There hasn't been any news regarding the killer in months ..about as long as Sydney's been gone actually. Strange isn't it? Nonetheless, a group of high schoolers that knew and somehow I got dragged along had some kind of get-together mostly to try to move on. I suppose everyone had managed to get over it especially the one guy most expected to have a little more trouble with the process than anyone else, one Billy Loomis. Boyfriend..well ex-boyfriend now of the deceased. He's on the market, the word is going around. And girls are trying to decide whether or not to pursue him. While he is attractive technically speaking, what I'd want out of him I doubt that I get so I opt not to think about it too much. Here we are sitting around a bonfire talking about something or another that I blatantly don't give two shits about and the topic of horror movies comes up. At first people are clearly reluctant to discuss the subject being that this discussion was part of the modus operandi of Ghostface and they don't want to risk it anymore. So I decide to speak about horror authors instead, my personal favorites being Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. I ramble briefly about each saying I get more terror out of one their tales than from any movie. Of course it seems to go over most of teens' heads to my chagrin and dismay. I opt to remain silent for the time being and focus on the fire instead, starting to tune out the noise of chatter about whatever and ever. For a moment, everything seems extremely peaceful an I simply watch the rise and fall of the flames, definitely engrossed in the fascinating movement. And then.."BWAAAA!" Out of nowhere seeming a yell comes and I fall over completely taken aback. Getting up shaking slightly I glare at who appears to the culprit, a close of Loomis's, Stu Macher chuckling madly."Not particularly funny.." I respond with a sigh before getting back on the seat. To make things worse, Loomis seems to have taken a picture of the incident. Damn. why why why me, and why tonight. "Are you kidding me?! That was funny as hell!," Macher responds wrapping an arm around my shoulder."Saw you just completely focused, couldn't help myself at all..heheh" He giggles once more now with head on my shoulder.I grimace and subtly glad that my skin tone doesn't show blushing very well as blood rushed too my face at that moment."Not one for personal space are you," I manage to say albeit weakly and not with too much conviction as I would normally. "Not so certain that it wasn't warranted," Loomis replies taking the seat on my other side."You don't seem absolutely convinced that you don't like it." Once again caught with my own expression, I sigh quietly grimacing once more but still not altogether uncomfortable as Stu opts to not only have one arm around me but both. Thus resulting in more embrace like thing, giggling like mad. I just look at Billy a little concerned."W-what's he doing? I mean he's usually odd but this is uh..something else to say the least." While one boy is just being affectionate beyond bounds, his friend pauses to try to explain but not before chuckling a little himself."I'd like to know what's funny.." I manage to say clearly before getting the explanation I'd least expect."Heh,don't you know..he's more or less trying to get in get together kind of." ...My mouth opens slightly and I'm more or less shocked. More chuckling I hear before Stu chimes," Oh~ don't act like you haven't had some kind of thoughts about us before..I can tell.." He winks and kisses me slightly on the cheek.A little more than mortified, I squirm while facing the fact that yes, I did admit to feeling attracted to the pair all year long, even among accusations that they may have something to do with Sydney's death.Those were never proved anyways. And if they were true, that would be a personal horror revealing what that means about myself more than anything.Still that wasn't something to think about as now I had two, two teenage boys overtly affectionate in ways I really neither understand but resent. In addition to Stu's madness, Billy has now joined the.."party" of sorts, wrapping arms around my waist so that I am now trapped in between the two."Great..a sandwich.." "heh now you are one," more strange laughter. This is definitely not what I expected coming to this get-together. Nope.I didn't order a serving of over-affectionate strange strange boys who I happen to have been quietly yearning over all year. But this is what I got, and the three of us once more fall off the seats. I don't even bother trying to get up at this point. I'm dominated anyways. 'Let's get out of here, this place blows anyways.." I hear Billy say to his compadre (yes I used that term, I don't quite understand why either). This results in my getting lifted over Stu's shoulder, accompanied once more by some giggling and another peck, this time on the neck, which leads me to shiver slightly. Departing the fire, I look at the flames once more, knowing that this was only the beginning of whatever the hell is going happen with these two. And that this was much more than I ever expected out of anything. Might as well make the most of it.

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